Thursday, 5 September 2013

iTunes Festival 2013 (Paramore) Sept. 4th

The Best Concert Everrr!
Arghhhhhhh! I just got back from watching Paramore at the #iTunesFestival with my wonderful friend and they were frickin AMAZING! I've been listening to Paramore for about 5 years now and seeing them in concert just made me love them even more! The atmoshere was just electric and everyone I came across was so nice. Everyone was so into the concert that we didn't even care that we were sweating like mad, our feet were aching and most of our voices got lost, the hits just kept on coming. I don't think I can ever forget this night, it has just made me so happy and even though my body is paying for it now, what a great way is it for me to make memories for starting uni soon and plus... it was completely FREE!!! Thank God for iTunes and to all the Paramore fans reading this whether you were at the concert, watching it live at home or didn't watch it at all, as Haley said 'WE ARE PARAMORE!!!!!!' (You can watch it online or watch it on tv so look out for it)

Before The Show Excitement 
Opening Act: Fenech-Soler
The Ending of The Concert (Last Song- 'Still Into You')

Whooop, Confetti Party!

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